Nintendo commissioned five of these customized PT Cruisers, blue-grey with actual blue fins and a rather obstructive tail. These also came with a trunk full of TV, speakers, and of course...N64's in the back. Take that F&F's PS1 Honda! They toured across the country to promote Pokemon Gold and Silver, Hey You Pikachu, and Pokemon Puzzle League.

"Okay, Ender, why are you so interested in a silly car like that?"

Do you remember the Star Wars Celica? It disappeared and now we're scratching our heads decades later. So why not try hunting down a car promoting a pop culture icon that's a little bit less...ancient. While it's not as cute at the Pikachu Toyota, it's still worth seeing what happened to them. Apparently one was given away in a 2003 Pokemon music contest but I have no idea who won it.


Here's where things get interesting. One of the Lugia cars was photographed with the words "Moe's Video Games" and Illinois plates. Out of curiosity, I Googled up the name of the store in the state...and I found the store in an article about buying antique games. It's now called Moe's Classic Video Games and it's located in the Volo Antique Mall (you can see the sticker for it on the trunk) in Volo, IL.


I've contacted their Facebook page inquiring about whether or not they are the owners and if they possible still own it. I'm waiting on a response; it'd be interesting find one that hasn't been converted back to stock or crushed/wrecked.

Anyone nearby in IL wanna go on a scouting mission?