"The luxury America wants, the size America needs"

Those words form the tag line generated to sell the automobile you behold: AMC Concord. When I was a teen, I looked at anything from AMC, save the AMX and Jeep models, as junk. My sister had an Ambassador. It was the ultimate old lady car. My parents hated her. It's the only explanation. I mean look at it for yourself and decide. What on earth did she do to deserve this?


So, as the AMC Concord Wagon with a faux forest applied to it passed by, why was I smitten? Seriously. But I was. Perhaps it was because it was clean and well cared for by its proud AMC owner. I'm not sure.

In doing a little bit of research, there is no doubt this particular model, a Concord Limited Wagon, has an inline 6. Ah, those were the days when you could get an inline 6 in several cars. But I found out another interesting fact: the sedan version was available with an inline 4 that was the same engine used in the Porsche 924 and was designed by VW/Audi.


It's actually pretty luxurious, considering the era. And the owner really does take good care of this car.


Will this car or one like it fetch big numbers at auction in 25 years. It's hard to say. I tend to say no, but stranger things have happened.

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