We've recently learned from multiple inside sources (who have been accurate in the past) that the BMW M2 is a go! The M2 start of production is said to be scheduled for late Fall 2015, which places the first deliveries at the very end of 2015 or early 2016.

Confirming what we reported earlier, we've been told that the M2 will be powered by the N55 turbo inline 6 engine (N55B30T0), producing around 370-380 PS (365-375 HP).

BMW M reportedly also considered a "S48" engine for the M2, presumably an inline four cylinder turbo derived from the (future) B48 engine family. For whatever reason, this engine did not make the cut and we know now that the N55 inline six engine will power the M2.

The code nickname for the M2 is "pyrat2." Why pyrat2? If you recall, the 1M coupe's nickname was "pyrat."

The model code for the M2 will be F87. We do not expect a limited production cycle as the 1M experienced.