The M3 is a realization of a dream, the 3 is an accomplishment of a goal

The M3 is an extravagance; it is excessive.

What 24 year old needs on? I did. That’s who. Three and a half years later I’m still enamored by it, it never fails to put a smile on my face or brighten my day. This is not about that car, this is about my 3.


When I was car shopping for my second car, I wanted something that would be cheaper than my M3 to run and something that would also be fun. The 3 fit the bill perfectly.

I’ve now put about 23,000 miles on it since I got it in mid-March 2017. Most of those are monotonous highway miles, and, as a consequence, I had begun to wonder if I had gotten the wrong car. I was thinking I should have gotten something for half of what I spent that would run on regular unleaded and have cheaper maintenance costs. Something like a Honda or a Toyota with a stick in it.

That was until Saturday.

I was in Greenville South Carolina for a pair of interviews. The first one was just with a recruiter basically to make sure the job was a fit for both parties. Since it was not a formal interview, I didn’t wear a suit. The afternoon interview was a formal interview and I would have to change into my suit before hand. My friend, whose house I was staying at, offered to let me go there and change.


Right before I’m about to leave the house to go to my second interview I look at traffic and I-85 is red. There is a backroads option that will take the same time as it would to sit on the interstate in traffic.

Backroads it was. This is where I was reminded of why I got the 3.

There is a reason these cars are know as drivers cars. Hustling along twisty roads in an E9X is a wonderful experience. The car wakes up from highway cruiser and turns into a different car. The hydraulic steering is sublime; it is one of my favorite parts about the car. I no longer care about the anemic I6, I don’t think for a second it needs more power, I just hold it in gears longer and let it sing. For the first time in a while, I was reminded of why I bought the 3.


The interviews seemed to go well, and was once again faced with a choice: backroads or interstate.

The 3 was begging to see some more twisty roads, so I obliged. I drove back to my friends house with gusto. Once again just enjoying the drive. Yeah, I made the right choice for my second car.

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