The M3 You've Been Waiting For

If you've been searching for that ideal Imola Red BMW E46 M3 for sale, here it is. This car is for the person that knows they really want to find a tastefully modded, yet relatively low mileage M3. More often than not you'll tend to find E46 M3s with well over 100k miles, and although that doesn't necessarily rule out your consideration, and it tends to fall in the "cons" side of your checklist. And when you do find a modified M3, especially one with forced induction, they tend to seem over priced (>$40k). Being over priced is probably not the case with this find.


This car only has 61k miles, and it has been well taken care of, even with it's ESS supercharger which cranks out 475whp, and 525hp on 100 octane. For stopping power it has a Brembo GT 6piston big break kit. All of this for less than the price of a new fully loaded Camry, as Tavarish would write, $27,000 (obo).

But lets be honest here this is not a commuter car, unless you are well off financially and your Sunday driver is a 458 Italia. But it is a pretty good bang for your buck when you consider you can have this beast of a car that is all about performance, and less about show. If you can't find the listing details page on this car after reading this it probably means the car is now sold. Well maintained beasts like these don't last long. See the details of this ESS Supercharged BMW E46 M3 for sale .

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