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The M6 Sledgehammer Man Is Back!

One Italian businessman lost his mind on his BMW M6 last year when the transmission went wonky. BMW offered compensation but the man on fire couldn't be stopped and now he's back! For MOAR!

It is another in M6 with English written all over it. Pretty soon one of us will beat him up for beating up such nice cars.


This time though, he's come to the Geneva Auto Show because he believes that the BMW hasn't fixed the issue. So he must destroy another M6 to make them fix it. It is like punching through your own house. No. It is like beating yourself with placards placed all over yourself because you now have rashes. no. He's back. I am bored, and this guy is an idiot.

This image below is from past year, and if I my eyes are focusing correctly then last year's M6 was a dark blue and current one is a black one.

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