I got my copy of Gran Turismo 6 today (the Anniversary Edition of course). Here are a few things that I expected to be better.

I'm going to keep this as neutral as possible, because you don't give a damn about my personal preferences. So here are a few general issues.



  • Sound. At the moment, it is absolutely horrible. The sound of the Pagani Huayra is the old sound from the 430 Scuderia, plus turbo boost. The sound on most cars is actually pretty awful, worse than I expected. The SLS GT3 is also a prime example of poor sound. The tire squealing is way too loud. I mean it. Turning down the Race Effects sound won't help, that kills the engine noise. PD have confirmed they were redoing the sound but it wouldn't be ready for launch. Give it a few months and we might have something.
  • Modern vehicles. The current selection of modern vehicles is poor to say the least. For instance, the "new" Ferrari's for GT6 are 365GTB Daytona, 246 Dino, 250 GT Berlinetta, and the FXX if I remember correctly. No 458 Speciale, no F12 etc.. The same with BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Lamborghini etc. There are no new models (as in newly produced cars). Forza has wipped PD's ass in this department. There are fun additions such as the KTM X-bow, but why aren't there more Caterham's, Ariel Atom's, Radical's, Lotus'? Heck, why aren't there more "normal" cars?
  • No fuel consumption or tire wear in career races.
  • Still stupid class matching for arcade races. I tried to do a race in the SLS GT3, and I wasn't mathed with a single other GT3 car, although the GT3 spectrum of cars has it's own tag and category.
  • You can't mute the sound of annoying idiots screaming through their mic's online.
  • It's still a clumsly menu setup. You have to do a lot of unnecessary button pressing.

    Here's an example: In license tests, you have to first select a test from the license tests menu, then confirm it, then go to the track, then setup your driver aids (they don't save your preferences on license tests), then press ok to load the track, then wait for it to load and do the intro over your car, then do the license test. Once you've done it you have to exit the timing screen, exit the replay, then go back to the main menu for that specific license test, then exit that, then return to the main menu for all the license tests and repeat the process for your next step. We live in 2013, you could simplify this process so much.
  • A lot of dull events with extremly slow and lifeless crap cars. "Purchase the Honda FIT 3,5 hp edition from the dealership! Then do ten races in it!" (Luckily I had the cars from the Anniversary Package so I started off by detuning a GT86 to around 85% power and doing all the novice events in that)
  • Cars are inconsistently priced. Does not make a whole lot of sense.
  • Graphics, there are issues with the fps, and screen tearing and flicker, even though I've set the graphics settings to reduce flicker. (I use a Sony top of the line 3dtv, and Sony HDMI cable). This goes to show, it might have been a better idea to wait for the PS4. Screw Driveclub. The people who purchase and extensively play Gran Turismo aren't going to by a rebaged version of NFS.

Other than that, the game is pretty good. The improvent in physics and handling are impressive. And finally the difference in tire selection is noticeable. You even notice the the change in damping and spring rates when altering from for example Racing Soft to Racing Hard change a lot because of the tire compound (less springrate in the tire). The Nürburgring is a whole new experience.

There even a guy waving a checkered flag at the finishline in the end of races. Still no marshall flags though.

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