I've decided to buy a Go Pro, but I have some questions.

What does anyone recommend for a memory card? Capacity I figure I'll get 32 or 64gb, but does anyone thing I need a name brand card or will I be okay if I pick up an ebay special? Prices for off brand cards are less than half that of a Samsung, for example.

Suction cup mount: safest buying the Go Pro brand mount? I don't mind paying more for this since it is holding my $200 camcorder on, but the cheap eBay specials are tempting.

Also, microphone. Suggestions? I am probably going to wait a while before ordering one, but might as well ask here

Thanks bros (and bro-ettes)!

EDIT: Thanks for the advice. Ordered a Go Pro with the official suction cup mount, a sandisk card, and extra batteries. Expect a few driving videos next week, and video from my biplane when winter ends!