The Majority Retorted.

This man saved Mexico.

My country is being painted “Morena brown” with specs of “PAN blue” and the conclusion of this election could not point out to be sadder but also more rewarding for the health of our country than it was.

I disagree with Obrador, I think he’s dangerous to the country, and I think he’s nothing new. His party is filling up with former PRI members, and his policies are kind of baseless and stupid. He won’t change Mexico, however, he was the real choice of Mexicans and that is the whole point.


Today we saw the establishment let go of power, we saw a blue and green nation paint itself brown: it was almost difficult to believe as PREP advanced, state after state, district after district, going to Obrador’s party; for Morena. PRI has struggled to carry a single state for Senatorial posts, and will be lucky to carry more than ten Representatives.

Let me tell you how massive this was: Former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari tweeted a congratulatory message to Obrador almost immediately after PREP started reporting. Carlos Salinas let me remind you won the presidency fraudulently; the ballots were burned and the computer system was ignored. He ruled against the will of the people, and is today one of the most influential people of all Mexico thanks to PRI yet he congratulated Obrador. He was not alone either; all candidates, and other party members were quick to concede the election

It’s so overwhelming that one could even think that PRI had something to do and they’re deep inside Morena. That somehow they knew this would happen and their contingency plan involved this guy. But it’s hard to tell, and that’s pretty conspiracy ridden.

It’s obvious why PAN and PRI lost: People are simply tired of them. It’s understandable that they’d put their trust on a man like Obrador because they feel that the rest have nothing to offer and Obrador, even if he’s unproven, might be better. Mexico right now is reeling from one of the most violent periods of it’s history with a quarter of a million deaths from a pointless drug war, as at the same time we see ourselves divided by our socioeconomic status: we’re loosing our capacity to see each other eye to eye without feeling disenfranchised. Mexicans live different realities in the same countries, heck, in the same neighborhoods. Realities that make us susceptible to feeling hopeless about the political process because it is a bad process: no matter how you cut it.


Right now, and for the first time in multi-party history, we’ll have a president who will govern with a popular majority. Recognizing the value of democracy means recognizing this astounding achievement despite my clear opposition to the man.

For now, I’ll wake up in a nation that had a contentious election, but at least it was an election that we’re certain was fair, and that alone is a step in the right direction.

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