The Mall Crawler

I was in Barksdale, or something Minnesota last weekend ( kinda tune out when I’m not driving) We went shopping at a big mall with several outlet store. It’s 2 weeks to Christmas and a Saturday so things were busy. Parking spots were sparse to say the least. Before we found on we say 6-8 spots that were taken up by snow banks. And I finally got the appeal of owning a Wrangler in the city.

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We were in my BIL’s Golf Sportwagon TDI, an fine car, but we couldn’t park in those spots. If we’d had a Wrangler with M/Ts and a big metal front bumper we could have found a spot in 1/5 the time. No more roaming through the parking lot hoping for a spot. Just drive to the nearest snow bank and park in/on it.

Also my wife’s uncle who were visiting has a freaking ramp for a driveway so their Outback make way more sense than a regular Legacy wagon. Any normal car would have a hard time getting from the road to their garage without hanging up, and scraping, especially if you have a hitch.

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