The Manliest Dude On Earth: Tim Cameron

The term "tread Lightly" in off-roading circles means lots of things. Traveling responsibly over designated trails, straddling ruts even if they're wider your vehicle, going easy on the gas (to avoid spinning), etc... Thank goodness, none of that shit applies to Tim Cameron, a well know southern style rock-bouncer.


This video negates everything you thought was manly. I'm jealous in ways I've never been jealous. I once strangled a grizzly bear with a piece of dental floss, both hands tied my behind my back, using the force. Still, not up to par.

This maniac built what looks like the predator's face, with a 700hp, 454ci big block, with the sole purpose of doing perennial burnouts through the forest. He also knocks over trees, like, they lose, he wins. Trees don't generally move?

If you're not at the office, turn up the volume. Four-hundred-and-fifty-four cubes with no exhaust sounds pretty darn good.


Flyinglap aka Joe knows more useless car information than anybody. He owns every Car & Driver since 1986. His 11 year old son knows the difference between an E24 and E28. His 7 year old son says "gai-ar-doh" not "gah-lar-doh".

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