Watched the movie last night. Good flick. I’ve heard the book is better, and now I think I’ll go read it.

When Mat Damon ditches his rover to lift off from Mars, he leaves a little note for whoever finds it, and I couldn’t help saying “ran when parked!”

Maybe that means I’ve been spending too much time here, but probably not.

My favorite part of the whole movie is a bit obscure. It’s when one of the female astronauts is handing the bomb to her crew mate in the airlock and she kisses his helmet. It’s a sudden little thing I didn’t expect, and it brought home the realization that these people had been living and working in close quarters under stress for a long time; so, of course they will bond. She had a crush on him that she couldn’t let show until she was afraid she’d never get to tell him. Then, during the “where are they now” segment during the credits, you see the two of them watching the launch with their new baby. It's the little things like this that make a good movie great.