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My dad has joined my friend in the saying “CyclistCarCoexist, I hate driving the Matrix” after 2 continuous days of driving it. My dad has criticized it to be a “rough” car and said it to be “too stiff”. He wants to sell it before I go to college, conceded it was great for corners, but completely shit for commuting. Mind you, this is the second Matrix to go through this household and the Current matrix has shocks that haven’t been changed (sans the front right corner). I guess a 2004 Sienna and my mom’s auto Camry has made him a little too soft. I laughed out loud.


To be honest, the matrix is a stout little car. It’s practical (I can stuff tons of shit in there with no problem) but I guess for a dad in the 50s, it’s a little too rough for him. He says the shocks are too stiff (ironically they are stock and I doubt the last owner cared to change them). The seats are a bit peculiar and suck in some traffic conditions...but I like it. It’s like why I like my road bike tires at 120 psi. And he also says the car isn’t fuel efficient. That is true.

But my dad bought the car, so I can only say so much. so we might be selling it around August...(sniff) and my dad has requested the replacement be an auto tragic (sister does not know manual), be a bigger car (my dad wants a bigger car as more stable at high speeds). This is to accommodate my parent’s presumptions that my sister is a auto only driver. 100 jalopbucks I bet it’s going to be a land cruiser or Venza.

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