The Mazda 323 is officially for sale.

Ah yes the time has come to let Project Free Mazda move on to a new owner. I'm not using this car and I really need something I can haul some lumber with be it a truck/van/minivan.

I'm gonna be asking $1250.00 firm $1700.00 OBO(after talking to a few people I wasn't asking enough for it) or trade for similar condition truck or van.


Link to ad here.


Trying to show the dent on the side but it's hard to capture on pictures. I'm trying to be a 100% honest seller and I won't be bullshitting on anything.


Could of used a tripod for these last 2 pics My hands weren't steady enough for the slow shutter speed.


Car Purchase $1.00

Valve Cover Gasket $28.99

Thermostat $7.99

Thermostat Gasket $1.49

Overpriced Coolant $10.99

Radiator Fan Switch $37.99

Coolant Temp Sensor $26.99

New o'rings for the injectors $2.58

Toggle switch and related hardware $9.00

Throttle Body Cleaner $7.99

14" x 5-1/2" OEM MX5 Miata Enkei Wheels $100.00

175/65R14 Nexen Weathermax tires $275.88

Correct 21mm Tire Wrench $16.49

1 can of Krylon Industrial OSHA Red Paint $5.36

1 roll of green painters Masking tape $5.97

Another jug of over priced coolant $10.99

New set of plugs $13.98

Total invested so far : $563.68

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