I love cars from the 1960’s. I also love rotary powered cars. And until very recently, I thought the only way to get a 1960’s rotary was in a hugely expensive Mazda Cosmo. (Or one of the handful of NSU Wankel Spiders left in existence) That was until Wikipedia told me about the Mazda R100.


The R100 is a fairly affordable car that combines 1960’s styling with rotary power. I love it! Predictably, they’re very rare but the fact that they’re priced under $25k gives me hope.

I’d remove the frail 10A engine and replace it with a 12A from the 70’s. That way I could still enjoy a vintage carb’d rotary but have much better reliability and parts availability. I stole these photos from this website and you should definitely look at the gallery. This car has some fantastic details!

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