Two minor but annoying things happened to my car yesterday.

I decided yesterday morning to test fit my son’s car seat in the CX-5 and the 6 to make sure it fit alright and that I knew how to. And I hit my car with the CX-5's door and put a tiny ding in it. The dint is admittedly hard to see unless you really squint. But, I know it’s there. #OCDProblems

Then, our pilot light was out so I had to re-light it and I dropped the screw holding the furnace’s pilot light access area cover on and never did find it. I moved my car and swept around it to make sure it doesn’t end up in my tire if it hasn’t already. I did drive the car all day yesterday and no TPMS light yet (couldn’t find the screw when I inspected all four tires, either). I am thinking the damn thing ended up in the furnace closet somewhere. The closet itself is at the front of the garage, directly in front of the vehicles.

Then, when we were leaving my father-in-law’s, I was trying to go through a four way stop and this other car tried to go at the same time I did. It wasn’t their turn, but I digress.

I put it in reverse to back up. Then, they waved me on so I went to put it back in drive and go. I stopped and I hit the gas I guess as it was between gears so it jerked and revved high. Scared the shit out of me. It drove fine the rest of the way home so I am guessing it is okay.

This is why we almost always drive the CX-5. It’s full of dings and scratches already so it doesn’t matter.