AMC was clearly excited about the upcoming 1988 Renault Medallion (read my recent post on the Medallion here), since they teased it 6 months early on the back of the 1987 Renault Alliance brochure. Pictured below the teased Medallion was (L to R) the Alliance DL 5-door hatchback, the GTA 2-door sedan, Alliance DL 4-door sedan, GTA convertible, and Alliance GS 3-door hatchback. For 1987, all Encores became Alliance hatchbacks, while new 2.0L GTA’s were treated as separate models rather than as an Alliance trim level. Too bad the hatches never got the GTA treatment.


For its final season, the Alliance line got a new headlight and grille treatment, losing their ‘83-86 quad headlamps in place of duals with inboard parking light/turn signals.

FUN FACT: Between the announcement of Chrysler’s buyout of Renault’s shares in AMC on March 9, 1987, and the deal finalization in August 1987, AMC tried to slip one past Chrysler by releasing press photos of the 1988 Renault Alliance they were planning. Keen eyes will spot the chrome grille header and headlamp bezels, as well as black plastic horizontal grille slats and blackout door frames, window trim, and doorhandles. All would have been new for 1988. But Chrysler pulled the plug on Alliance production before any 1988 models left the Kenosha factory.

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