Just looking at the pictures of the Mercedes-AMG GT, it's not really exciting me. Oh sure, it's got classic long hood short deck rwd sports car proportions, oodles of power, and a fancy electronic differential (well, at least on the GT S model), but I'm mostly unmoved.

I'm trying to identify the things that don't do it for me, and here's what I can come up with.

I don't like the headlights and how they flow into the grille. Some angles are better than others, but they're just weird.


The blocky, trying-too-hard front end styling is the polar opposite of the pointy, almost overly minimalist rear end styling.


To me, it just doesn't flow well from front to back. Can we throw in an Accord Coupe joke because of the rear side window shape?


The front fenders are well ventilated though.

Mercedes has apparently jumped on the Porsche bandwagon of making center consoles too damn tall.


Who needs room for their right knee?

I mean really, look at this picture. The top of the seat juuuust peeks out above the door sill. But then it's CENTER CONSOLE.


Although since Mercedes is trying to compete with Porsche here, anyone trading in a 991 will have already amputated their knee in order to clear the 991's center console.

Either that, or like DeJuan Blair, they have no ACLs in their knees.

This is the best looking angle for the car:


So be sure to park somewhere near a platform which you can then ascend and gaze down upon your car, feeling satisfied with yourself, and not worrying about having no ACLs.