The Mercedes Benz 300sd Experience.

First it’s worth noting how much money I’ve dumped into this thing already. Bought it for $500, paid $51 for the paperwork, $55 for an oil change, $15 for injector cleaner, and $20 for a Primer pump. That’s a whopping $641 of former German Luxury.

Note how the people who painted it sprayed over the rust
Rusty rust

Rust is not visible except for a little in the engine bay and under this headlight. The car was resprayed at some point so I’m sure there’s more hiding under the surface.

What do you do when you get an old luxury car? Spray-paint things of course, the light surroundings were off colored and cracking. The grey paint i have just happens to be very similar so from 40ft away it looks color matched. I’m sure anyone who knows about w126's will cringe.

Some exhaust work was done recently, and the car was registered into 2019 (it didn’t have the sticker though)

On the first drive it would shift into 4th doing 20mph at full throttle. The transmissions vacuum actuated combined with a linkage to the “throttle”. The vacuum bit means that the health the motor effects the transmission too.


Cold starts were very bad with most of the cylinders firing and the motor would die if you didn’t give it a little throttle before it warmed up. Once warmed up the motor would shake violently at idle, but would be fine after 1000rpm.

It’s clear from the smell inside, the oxidization, and leaves stuck by the windshield that the car sat for quite a while.

I changed the oil/filter, fiddled with the ALDA(pre boost fuel pressure), replaced some vacuum lines, adjusted the shift points, and fiddled with the idle and fuel linkages.

New primer pump next to the old, And engine bay rust.

After fiddling with everything the car shifts smoother under most conditions, holds a gear when it should, once warmed up the motor shakes much less, and on cold starts it will hold an idle though it still has a miss for the first 60 seconds. But as far as I can tell it’s not uncommon on the higher mile diesels.


And lastly the car would drain it’s battery over a matter of hours. I got a test light on there and found it to be the two electric seat relays. Since I don’t constantly adjust it I removed the relays and will now consider the electric seats another non-functioning feature.

The interior: Trust me when I say, it’s completely fucked.

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