The Mercedes-Benz MLs of

Ah, The eBay Motors of Germany. Also the place where I spend a decent amount of my free time (who needs Snapchat or Instagram??). Here is the best Mercedes-Benz ML320 that I have found on this glorious website.

The Good

Let’s start things off on a high note. This is probably one of the cleanest MLs of this age that I have ever seen... 36,000 miles and elderly-owned (clearly noted in the ad title with ‘born in 1944'), it seriously is a gem. Pristine interior, virtually untouched trunk liner, clean inside and out... just amazing for a 16 year-old car.


Note that equipment is pretty sparse on this one. Manual cloth/leather seats, plasti-wood (leather-equipped models get real wood), single-DIN head unit (U.S. models such as mine got a dual-DIN GPS navigation version, while COMAND was optional for European models), and less glass (no sunroof, tinted rear windows, or power rear quarter windows). However, you do get seat heating and rear parking sensors on this one, which is pretty impressive given its age.

The dealer does want 14.490 euros for it, which is still a pretty hefty amount... but the car is a literal time capsule!


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