I don’t often leave my office at lunch time, but if I do, it’s often to go to Walmart, because there are no Walmarts near my house, only Target. While Walmart may have a certain stigma about it, I don’t care because it’s cheaper. There are also many car dealers along the way.

I never go to Walmart after work, because both my office and Walmart are on VA Route 7 a.k.a. Leesburg Pike, which turns into a giant parking lot during evening rush hour. I don’t fuck with 7 after work, I take a different way home.


On my way back from Walmart, I passed by this Mercedes dealer with a Viper, Aston, tow generations of Jag XK, and a Tesla S parked right by the entrance. All of which have basically the same shape to their front end.

While it looks like a lovely day, it’s actually hot and humid as balls out, especially in the massive garage at this particular Walmart, which is in a building with a 24 Hour Fitness, some restaurants, and doctor’s offices, among other things. Loading up my car it was roasting. Ugh.

At least I got to laugh at the ridiculousness of this scene unfolding on my way to Walmart.


You may be wondering what’s so funny, but let’s zoom in a little, shall we?



Looks like the folks in the condo building in the background will have different views soon. Oops.

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