So last weekend I got to spend my weekend driving around in my girlfriends Grand Marquis. We has somewhere to be Saturday and decided to take her car instead of my Jetta. I have an unhealthy love for driving this car. Even though it is the signature old woman car with the light blue and all, it is so good to drive. The car is mint, it only has 50k miles and its an 03. Its got bench seats and a column shift and even though its an auto, they just don't make cars like that any more. The era of the big V8 boat with the power at the rear is gone. I think that why I like it so much. Its no race car but its smoother than any car you can get now days and its not fast but if you get into it it just wafts you along smoothly. I just love driving it around but at the same time I'm happy to be driving my car again.