Americans Complain about the lack of small city cars, wagons, and a superior array of features that the Europeans get. Europeans don't really need muscle cars, Body on frame SUVs, or dually pickup trucks, but every time they are in America they cant help to feel a little surprise and delight when they see them. Anywhere else in the world? They only get a taste of each of these 2 big automotive markets. Canada has the Trucks, and mammoths, whilst 3rd world countries in Europe and Asia get the small hatches. But never both, and here is where Mexico comes in.

A brand new Ferrari California besides a brand new 20 year old Nissan Sentra. Only in Mexico.

There is a theory that states the more northern your country is in North America, the more civilised the people are, and the place has more control. Now, I am not implying that the US is less organized than Canada, or that Canada is the most superior country on this side of the world. The reason why I mention this theory is to recognize the location where Mexico is and all the advantages that brings. It is besides the U.S, which means we get a lot of great influence from their culture, their customs, and just how the live their everyday. Examples of this can include Santa Claus, Drive-Thru, Center Hole Breads (Bagels and Donuts), and many other wonderful things. From the other side we have a huge influence from our ancestors, and the culture that has passed from generation to generation. Examples of this include the "Dia De Muertos", grotesque public transport, all the various groups of people that habited this place before colonisation, and of course the amazing food. The thing is though, when you are at the most southern point of the country, right in the nose of Guatemala, is when you realise anything after that is just not worth going. I know how it is, I've been there, and I don't see why almost anyone would want to visit whats lurking below of the Guatemalan Border. Geography lesson aside, Mexico benefits from both the south and the north in many ways, and thankfully it also does in its car market.

(Borders, The Scars of the World)

The north of Mexico is about as plain and wide as Texas, with added dust and crime. This means, the need for a pickup truck is huge due to all the ranches, the worksites, and the beaches where if you don't have a pickup truck and park it right next to the water, you aren't a man. When you get to the center of he country, you find yourself in the capital, which is like being in a whole other country. Seriously, the capital of Mexico is an amazing combination of urbanisation, wealth, struggle, and street food establishments (Go visit, you wont be disappointed). This means, a hatchback is used as a pickup, SUV, lawn mower, ice cream van, street sweeper, hearse and whatever other vehicle that would be specifically made for said job in Canada or the US. And all of it wraps up nicely when you consider the amount of truly wealthy people who live here. Yes, there are more in the U.S, but there is enough amount of them here to make a case for supercars, exotics, and classics. All together, Mexico is a nice worldwide automotive buffet. Heres proof:

Exhibit A:

Seat Ibiza 1.2 TSI


The Seat Ibiza is a half spanish half german hatchback that wants to party, and disobey its parents while their other Skoda son cleans his bedroom and goes to church. It is a more playful Polo, and a much sexier alternative that makes it stand out, ad to that the huge array of colors. Also, this little car comes with big features and modern engineering. The 1.2 Turbocharged engine produces a very good 105HP (Dynos have clocked 120HP), a 5 speed manual has ESP, Hill Hold control, ASR Etc. The features you can get are also very enticing which include LED lights with cornering fog lights, Panoramic roof, 17 inch wheels, leather, trip computer, an array of airbags and lots of infotainment options. This is a thoroughly European proposition that sells in huge numbers because people dig a sporty, small, affordable, and feature brimmed hatch. A car like this, or a Peugeot 208, or Fiat Punto, or Alfa Romeo Mito is everything they need from a car in the urban environments, and its something the U.S. is catching up on, but isn't near the popularity as it is here.

Exhibit B:

Ford F-250


The Ford F-250 is a gargantuan machine. It has hair on its neck, dirt under its nails, and a MEGA-THIRST cup to which it fills to the brim of regular coffee to start his day. This truck is very much America with number plates because it is a truck loved by americans and designed for their country. Its place in Mexico is pretty much the same, used in ranches, or building sites, or just to two a boat and Quads. The diesel engine in it isn't absurdly expensive to fill up, and the places to park it aren't scarce. It is needed by people here almost as much as in the U.S., and I only chose it to show the extent of the amount of pickups we have. F-150s, Sierras, Titans, and other obscure trucks like the Fantastic Volkswagen Amarok, or the Toyota Hilux are also available. Any SUV made with the same platform as any of the trucks mentioned is also on the market. We have all the big boys as well.

Exhibit C:

Nissan Tsuru


This car, and many others like it, is a big influence from the way latins think. You see, what people in latin America look most for in a car is reliability, and price. Any other consideration, then you are economically a class above. Cars like the Nissan Tsuru have such huge demand thanks to these qualities, that through their extensive life they are cheapened more and more so people buy them more and more. You can buy a 2014 Nissan Tsuru with 90s looks, huge amounts of visibility, no equipment (The cup-holders are in the glovebox lid), no safety (no ABS), no nothing. Just a dead reliable engine and a rear defroster. And it isn't just this car, the Nissan Versa before the current one is still being sold, the Chevrolet Aveo is the best selling car now for a long time (Hate it massively), and my personal favourite, the MK4 Jetta. Every one of these cars can be still bought new with their reliable engines, known reputation, huge aftermarket/mechanical aid, and a cheap price.

As you can see, the market is combined with an array of options ranging from absolute innovation, to absolute de-contentation. To add to this, gas is pretty cheap, mechanics are inexpensive, and prices of the cars are about par with the U.S. This is another reason why I love living in my country, aside from the crime, corruption, filth, and lack of punctuality, having a car market this great makes it worth it. And, as I said before, its the ultimate Worldwide buffet of the automotive market.