The Miata Developed a Clunkyscrape

That’s really the best way to describe the noise. It’s coming from somewhere in the front steering/suspension area and happens on fast/high load wheel movements. I’m wondering if it’s related to the giant pothole that knocked off my alignment. I took the car for a run through La Honda today and it’s definitely not right. It was wet out so the limits were low and the car was a bit nervous at the front and wanted to push all of the damn time. Wasn’t like that before, so I need to jack things up on Sunday when the rain is done. This is why you have three cars. Yep, it’s not a life choice, it’s a necessity.

On the bright side, I finally checked something off my want-to-do list and stopped at Alice’s Restaurant on Skyline for lunch. I’m annoyed because now I just want to go there every damn day for lunch. The guys sitting behind me were chatting about restoring E-Types.


The roads going to and from are outstanding. Though a couple people had definitely recently bin’d there cars. One was half up a tree and another area had a pretty mangled barrier. It’s slippery when wet. Duh.

It’s ultra cool that a place like this exists. In a random plot twist, the fellow next to me asked to take a picture of my burger (The BMW Burger, mind you) and I said “sure”. He replied “I started the company that farmed the hydroponic lettuce on your burger! Farmed right up the street.” Once again proving that you can get away from the tech of silicon valley, but only for a moment.

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