Yesterday I test drove a C6 Corvette to lunch and a salvage yard and bought $100 of salvage suspension parts for the Miata to replace what I thought was bent, with the intention of paying one of the techs under the table to replace them and align it for me if that was enough to make it alignable. I went seeking my bosses permission, and was told that since I was no longer a technician (after a promotion to full-time dealer photographer) it was totally off the table for insurance reasons. Well, there goes the cheap option. Text a friend of a relative who owns an indie shop about it and am told it will be 8 days at the soonest before the Miata can even be looked at, and he can’t/won’t use my $100 in salvage parts, meaning I’ll be looking at $400 in parts alone for this shit. I would make an attempt at it myself but I have no place to work, I lack most of the tools I would need, and I just really don’t want to dick with it myself. I’m fucking sick of cars to a ridiculous degree. Might lease a Spark. Fuck this shit.

Have a picture of what I wish my car looked like, instead of the sad crumpled mess it is now.