So many issues, major and minor. So little money. But at least we got the best parking spot

Headgasket is bad, and at this point I’m just hoping I can make it through the winter. Not sure if I’ll overhaul the engine, or just replace it—340,000 miles—but once spring arrives I’ll have money to burn again so please just keep working until then!

Other issues:

1.) Tires are as bad as they can get without showing metal. But... Do I want to spend $700 on tires/install/alignment when my engine could go at any moment? No. Also, even with my ride height set to max, I’m not 100% sure that winter tires would fit. For various reasons my only winter tire options are 205/60-15 and I would be kinda screwed if I bought them and there wasn’t enough clearance. I’ve thought about getting star specs again (205/50-15), but they’re more expensive, the star spec III’s should be coming out soon which I’d like to wait for, and summer tires wouldn’t help me out in the snow.


2.) I need my front left fender fixed up. My compression and rebound was set too low for my ride height and I chewed up about three inches of fender. Not the end of the world, but doesn’t look great

3.) I think I may have some cooling issues. I have no idea how to even begin diagnosing this (my temp gauges don’t work) but my amazon-special radiator I installed two years ago is looking pretty beat. The hoses are all most likely original too.


4.) there’s a brake fluid leak (very slow) and it’s getting dark. This is worrying since everything other than the master brake cylinder was replaced when I went with a wilwood 44-wheelkit. At the moment I’m topping it off every few months, no issues with braking performance.

5.) timing and or accessory belt squealing. It’s bad. Also possibly related, I feel like I don’t have enough power. Like, if I have my window wipers on and stereo, the lights will dim and the car will start squealing. Alternator issue?


There’s a lot more. Business is slow this time of year but once it picks up in a few months I’ll be throwing a lot of cash into my baby. I’ve already invested 5x the purchase price in this car and I’m not giving up on it now! Anyways... How’s your daily doing?

(Edit) it could be worse. This was exactly one year ago!