For the first time today, I watched the trailer to Michael Bay’s new movie “13hrs”. It’s about the raid on the US embassy in Benghazi which left a couple of people dead, including the US ambassador to Lybia. Anyhow, the incident happened on September 11, 2012 and was a real bummer for US-Lybian relations, to say the least.

Now watching the trailer, I caught something. A blink and you miss it type of moment. It was this:

The front of a Mercedes Benz W-212 E-Class. Nothing special, right? Well, it’s a FACELIFTED Mercedes Benz W-212 E-Class. Still nothing special? What if I told you, that the W-212 facelift was only unveiled in January 2013, during the Detroit Motor Show and went on sale a couple of months after that.

2013 is not 2012 Mr. Bay. You are lying to us! What are you trying to hide?! What is your secret agenda?

Shame on you, Mr. Bay. I expected so much more of you.