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The mind wanders

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I’ve been trying to figure out what to replace the WRX with since early this year, trying out a new option every once in a while when the mood strikes. I had been thinking I’d want a truck as my requirements are 4 driven wheels, automatic (sorry, not sorry) because remote start and more ground clearance than the WRX because I’ve beached it a few times. Full-size trucks are out because I prefer to drive something that’s not enormous and even the mid-size trucks are pushing that.


Yesterday I checked out an Outback, specifically an Outdoor XT trim (Canadian market version of the Onyx edition the the US gets). It’s a nice powertrain - good power, very smooth, doesn’t require premium and the CVT isn’t hatefull as it always simulates gears going through a set of 8 fixed ratios.

I really wish this kind of ride/drivetrain was available in a slightly smaller package like the Crosstrek or Forester. As it is, it’s a strong contender but I wasn’t going to throw my wallet at the dealer for this one, despite the tempting shade of green.


The search continues, I don’t need to buy something new but I’m kind of over the WRX and I want something to haul mountain bikes/kayaks, which is a pain with the lack of roof rack mounting points on the ‘rex.

(I’ve thought about buying a new WRX as the 2018+ models have roof rack mounts but it wouldn’t address my other complaints with it.)

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