Over 2 of those months are waiting on the machine shop that’s rebuilding the head. I’ve been calling regularly but first the valves were bent, then the technical data was off, then the valve guides were 1 thousandths too big, when I called on Monday it was said to be finished,”hopefully tonight, I’ll call you when its done”. Still no word

Driving a 255,000 mile Honda civic with a roached clutch is wearing me thin. Sure, you can take it on drives but it always feels like it could blow up on the next long grade.


It’s been 7000 miles so far and I’m nearing my gearhead breaking point with the lack of torque, safe handling, meh gas mileage, and no stereo. As enthusiasts, cars are a part of our identity and this car does nothing for me on many levels. I miss having rwd with good looks and torque....god do I miss torque(which is to say I miss the sc400 when it worked, but I'll settle for the mini at this point)

If this keeps up I’m liable to buckle and buy an ls400.

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