the minivan can take the long wood

the longest of the 4 boards was 10'. I had to have the guy circumcise about 4" off the tip. It is 6/4 walnut about 8'. I got 4 boards for $460. damn. They had 1 board that was about 4' wide for $2500. this was 1 cut, not multiple joined together.

a pre-made slab for what i’m making is about $1800. A neighbor of mine has a full wood shop. He is currently making a cello. he said he would put the slab together for me. I told him i’d like to help and he thought that was cool. So for $460 and probably a basket of homemade cookies and a 6 pack i’ll have a nice slab.


with any luck i’ll have something like this:

to put on this:

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