The Misfire Podcast: The Backfire Ep. 3 - "Wish You Were Here..."

Hot on the heels of Thursday's critically acclaimed VW Polo column (that's a joke; laugh) comes the newest episode of The Misfire podcast's long-form editorial podcast, The Backfire. In this episode, fellow journalist Jeremy Sally and I visit a familiar topic, but with a subtle twist.


Remember the last time you read a blog post or magazine article longing over the fact Renault no longer sells cars here in America? Or how about the last time you were reminded that we can't buy the Civic Type R stateside? This list of "forbidden fruit" cars seems to stretch a mile long, and yet there's always one glaring problem with just about each one listed: most of them wouldn't sell in the US outside of a handful of enthusiasts. Which is why they'll never ultimately come here.

A few forbidden fruit cars, however, do make sense not only in terms of enthusiast appeal, but in terms of what an automaker actually should be building for the US market. That was the thinking behind the VW Polo column and this podcast. I hope you enjoy it.

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