It’s pretty obvious to me that if there is a Kylo Ren, there has to be a Kylo Stimpy. Think about it, Yoda himself once told us there are always 2, a master and an apprentice (I don’t count that scorched Mr. Staypuff hologram they showed us in the movie). A quick Google search shows that I’m not the only one who’s thought of this.

Anyway, some serious reflections on The Force Awakens after having a week to digest it:

1. I very much enjoyed the characters and their personal stories, both the old ones and the new. I think the idea of having a stormtrooper break out of the mold is brilliant. It’s the stories about people that make the movie.

2. Special effects and action were fantastic. Incredibly fun movie to watch.

3. The plot device of the planet-killer weapon that the rebels resistance swarm on in a daring mission to blow up in the nick of time has been used three times now. THREE! I was so disappointed they went this route. It’s like everyone writing this movie ran out of imagination at once. I watched that scene in the war room when our heroes were planning the mission, and half expected them to stop, laugh, and say, “nah, that won’t work again.”


4. A weapon that can fire across interstellar space to shoot other planets in real time stretches my ability to suspend disbelief even for a Star Wars movie. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since J.J. Abrams is the one who gave us a transporter that can go from Earth to the Klingon Empire.

5. A personal peeve: No way that BB8 droid can roll down that flight of steps slowly and in full control when his diameter is larger than the step size. Trust me; done it.


6. Occurs to me that David Wenham would be perfect in the role of the First Order general. A missed casting opportunity.