I love this blue! Definitely my favorite color they were offered in.

If I was a successful YouTuber, I’d make a video about this; however, my channel only has 186 subscribers and I don’t have much editing skill. I like writing, but it’s easier to just list out the points. Here we go!

  • Good size
  • Decent interior space
  • Great fuel economy
  • A crossover
  • Reliable
  • Built in America
  • Safe (one of only a few small crossovers in the early 2010's to do well in the Small Overlap test)
  • Cheaper than comparably equipped competitors
  • Sold internationally and in larger quantities than other Mitsubishis (should be easy to find parts)

Honestly, if I was asked to find someone a cheap used crossover, I’d definitely steer them towards one of these before a c.2007 RAV4 or CR-V. Yes, most Outlander Sports of the early 2010's didn’t have backup cameras or touchscreen radios, but neither did the competition, and one can buy an aftermarket system for a few hundred dollars.