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The Model Year Rant (Should I go there?) I still want to know- why we can buy a vehicle a model year newer than the present date?

I’d assume this question had been asked here before, but I can’t find any threads on it. And I hope this doesn’t perceive me to be idiotic or annoying. This could be in my part my OCD.

What is the logical reason you can buy a 2017 “model year” car in 2016? In short form, perhaps if condensed to a few sentences. I once got a long 2 minute rant going essentially nowhere from a motorhead when I asked. I still consider it inconclusive or ridiculous because the answer wasn’t logical.

I mean, doesn’t this only really work with transportation vehicles? You don’t finish building a house in Sept 2016 and go “Yea, my house is a 2017" If I planted a tree in Oct 2016, it’s not a 2017 tree. (I know, I’m being silly).


Or if you were born in Oct 1996, you can’t have a drivers license or government issued ID as a 1997 person. Then you are really a year younger.

So how and why does it work for cars? Why isn’t it as clear cut as “The car was built on a date from Jan 1, 2016 to Dec 31, 2016, then it is a 2016 car. If the car was built on Jan 1, 2017, it is a 2017 car”.

Wouldn’t that be more logical? Because you get people with 2001 cars that I’d really consider a 2000 car because it was built in Sept 8, 2000. Or even people trying to cheat and have a car built in early 2000 but passing for a 2001 car.

Is there a simple, concrete, logical, & sensible reason? Or is it just some marketing gimmic started many decades back to sound like you are buying the freshest, best vehicle?

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