The moment when you realize a job is bigger than you thought

So I finally carved out some time last night to work on my recently acquired 1990 B2600i. Short list was replace front right caliper, bleed brakes, change oil, replace filters and give it a quick once over for a state inspection and make sure there isn’t anything else that needs fixed.

So I popped off the front wheel to replace the caliper with the broken bleed valve.


Not too big a job, probably 20 minutes to replace the caliper and then a while more to bleed everything. I did buy speed bleeders for all 4 corners which should make it easier when done. Just aggravating that the previous guy didn’t take the time to do it right and snapped off the bleeder meaning I get to replace the whole caliper.

This work I was expecting, but was unpleasantly surprised by the below...


A torn CV boot, other side is torn too. Now I get to tear apart the front suspension - so I spend the next hour evaluating tie rod ends, ball joints, sway bar links and bushings. Time for a rockauto order now. At least parts are cheap for this old thing.


After this the truck’s front end will be well sorted which is good, but still have to wait a week for parts now. Ah the life of old trucks!

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