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The Monday Minute: Range Rover Sport Part 1

I've been given permission to Oppo! Naturally I'd like to share some of my own work as my first post so here's the latest from my ongoing series, The Monday Minute. I shoot these with the help of friends, sometimes we have two cameras, most of the time we just have one. I edit each episode myself using the exceptional Premiere Pro, all the music is unlicensed but since we're not selling anything here, that's ok. There is no budget, no sponsors, no ad's to click through.


This is just my way of sharing my love of cars, film and music all in one place. Cars and opportunities like this one are courtesy of my ability to talk to people. If you have an automotive story to tell shoot me an email at and we'll get you sorted. So far we've only done new vehicles but I have some very cool classics on the horizon. Hope you enjoy this weeks episode and that you'll share with it others because isn't that what the internet is all about?


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