Good news: The smart’s engine tappety noises were from low oil. The dipstick was doing its best desert impression. Looks like I have to monitor the oil pan leakage better, or centralize the leak and break out the JB Weld. Added oil in, engine stopped being tappety.

Bad news: I think the car wasn’t happy with me leaving it low on oil and it threw a squealing tantrum, ripping off the serpentine belt. *Sigh*

Easy $100 fix at any shop. Just...Seriously? Might as well have the tensioner replaced as well.


Meanwhile, I put the Goldwing away for the winter and brought out the GS850 to carry me through fall. Only... being parked for three months did something to it. The engine runs like it’s being choked. High revs are fine, but the bike feels like it’s stuttering out on the low end. It also doesn’t sound happy. Changed the air filter to no avail so next is carb cleaner, fresh fuel, and fresh oil.

Meanwhile, my parents filed for bankruptcy again. The first bankruptcy was dropped because they didn’t make the payments. Well, the payments are still $3k a month so I doubt anything is going to change. It’s not an if that house is foreclosing, it’s when. And this is why most of my vehicles aren’t titled in my name...

Maybe I’ll start on the Vespa project today, see what other bad news I can conjure up. lol

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