Went on the I-5 again to a Costco a couple towns over, grabbed some Canadian Whiskey so I could celebrate my life’s progress next weekend.

The car itself, after three weeks of solid ownership, has been nothing short of an amazing first car. Hardly any serious maintenance issues, only some cosmetic matters to deal with, and ultimately, a long-term maintenance plan is already in place.

The suspension feels amazing - and I don’t mean in a comfortable casualscrub way. I feel the road, and it is enjoyable. It doesn’t lean or sway, and it just feels very commanding.

The odd part is, today and yesterday, I’ve experienced instances where the car suddenly wanted to swerve on its own, which I’ve put down to the road surface having some weird issues. These instances randomly, and rarely happen. If anyone can shed light on this, I’d appreciate it.

Meanwhile, I managed to finish working on an EEOC rebuttal to an outstanding case that I filed last year. While I don’t expect a favorable response from the commission because the employer in question technically gets a free pass due to the number of employees, I’m hoping this at least comes up to a proper outcome.

That aside, how was your Sunday, everyone?