While it’s not common knowledge I work nights at the U.K. arm of Walmart, I won’t say the name as were told we have to be very careful about using the name and writing something negative as it may get us into trouble (though if you want to know, it is written on these beer cans).

Anyway. Being who we are and related to who we are, etc... we get some exclusive items come through such as these beers from BAD Co. Brewing & Distilling, the ones being West Coast Pale Ale, Perfect Pilsner, Denver Milk Stout and American IPA (the Boston Tea Party isn’t exclusive to us).


First out the can is (in order of alcohol by volume), Perfect Pilsner with Alc Vol 4.5%.

It’s got quite a peachy hue in it’s colour and is more akin to a wheat ale than a pale ale.

Result, Hoppy, would drink again if bought for me but wouldn’t buy it myself again.


Next up is American IPA with Alc Vol 5.2%.


Nice creamy head that doesn’t hold very long.

Result. Nope, if someone bought me this, I’d be looking for the first plant pot to pour this into, poor plant, but rather you than me. Way too hoppy.


Next up is the Denver Milk Stout with Alc Vol 5.5%

((I didn’t pour as much as I’m not liking the way these are going)).


I’m not a big fan of milk stouts really thought the Guinness Milk Stout was certainly drinkable. This one not so much. The can describes it as, ‘an exploration of rich, complex flavours’. Not all that bad really.

Next, West Coast Pale ALE.


Sod it, they all taste ruddy awful.

I’m going to have a pre-mixed vodka, lime and lemonade.


Ahhhh, refreshing. 

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