Welcome to The Morning Sh*t: Time Valuable Summary Roundup Etc

1st Gear: Germans emit noxious smoke, everyone just ignores it until it’s too late. History repeats self.

2nd Gear: Jerry Brown cranking up the subsidy machine for EVs, prolonging the inevitable day when EVs have to sell themselves.

3rd Gear: Trump rattles saber on NAFTA again; will have to go to Mexico City for talks next month. Hopefully border wall will still be short enough to fly over.

4th Gear: Over 800,000 people attended Detroit Auto Show. It’s Michigan in January and the building is heated.

5th Gear: Ford looking for famous punch bowl that was present at company’s founding. Still no word on crack pipe present at Mark Fields’ CEO promotion.


Reverse: Carl Benz made a car. If you haven’t read the full story about how his wife stole it, GET WOKE HERE.