Welcome to The Morning Sh*t! All your base are belong to us.

1st Gear: Lotus, the famous foster child maker of cars so small that the company is named for a yoga position, plans to complicate and add heaviness with an SUV. Plus some other sports cars, etc.

2nd Gear: Dieselgate investigators finally going after individual employees at Bosch. There’s also some chatter around those Icon windshield wipers.

3rd Gear: Ford expects slow sales for 2018, blames lack of Expedition ST and Flex ST.

4th Gear: Car sales flat in January. JD Power expects 1% increase, Edmunds expects 1% decrease. Are you still awake?

5th Gear: Trump tacitly takes credit for more auto plants opening in the US, since those companies only started planning their multi-billion-dollar factory investments since he became president.


Reverse: Buddy Rice turns 41, is still the second most important rice in Indycar (after Honda)Β