The Morning Sh!*t Post

The alternate alternate morning car news.

Turd 1: No More Fiat Chrysler Diesel Cars

Fiat Chrysler will phase out diesel engine in its passenger cars by 2022, due to failing demands... Dieselgate, the diesel backlash in Europe, and the FCA inability to make a diesel engine to pass EPA regs without cheating means they are done with Diesel. At least we will always have Cummins and MOAR Coal in the U.S.


Turd 2: Diesel Woes May Force Back Daimler to Pay Back Loans Early

The European Investment Bank (EIB) loaned 4.7 billion to Daimler to develop low carbon emission vehicles. $2.5 billion will be due if the investigation into Daimler diesel emissions shows they were cheating. Just do it right the first time and you will not get in trouble. Didn’t anyone who run these auto companies have parents?

Turd 3: Geely buys $9 Billion stake in Daimler and Makes Things Complicated

Geely bought a big stake in Daimler to get some influence for MB and Daimler tech. Volvo truck owned by Geely does not want Daimler to get their hands on Volvo’s Tech. Also Daimler is already partnered with Chinese automaker BAIC, Geely rival. I am glad this is not my mess.


Turd 4: Mom-And-Pop Importer Is Suing Nissan Over Gray-Market Parts

A small importer of Nissan parts called AMG distribution sourced 10,000 Genuine Nissan parts from Nissan Oman. U.S. Customs held up these parts for 15 months because the grey-market parts might be counterfeit. Is this Nissan U.S.A.s doing? AMG Distribution almost went bankrupt and this sounds like Nissan is price fixing. Nissan still a turd.


Turd 5: NAFTA’s Next Big Challenge Is Mexico’s Presidential Election

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has policy and rhetoric that is both very socialist and also very nationalist. Those are two things you never want to see together. This man who wants to help Mexico’s poor and make Mexico self-sufficient yields confusion over his view on NAFTA.


Flush: Honda Earth Dreams Car 2007

Lingering Stench: What does Diesel’s future look like? Has cheating and politics killed it?


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