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The Morning Sh!*t Post

We need Ash back, but I am trying.

Turd 1: The Germans Can Now Ban The Diesels

German towns and cities are now legally allowed to ban diesels within their limits. Thanks VW. I bet this will be a mess due to the popularity of diesels in Germany. Do you just change the badges on your car?

Turd 2: Aston Wants To Sell A Chunk

Aston was profitable last year for the first time since 2010, so the plan is to cash in on that and sell all or part of the company. And the other plan is to try and stay profitable selling 7,000-14,000 cars per year.


Turd 3: GM And Korean Unions Are Getting Down To Brass Tacks

A couple weeks ago GM said they are leaving Korea. They are bargining with the Union and the govn’t. Maybe they won’t leave. Is GM playing hard ball or do they plan on only selling trucks in ‘Merica as their long term global business plan?


Turd 4: Porsche Still Wants Diesel, However

Though VW is trying to kill diesels because they can’t successfully build diesels Porsche who makes big expensive family cars wants to sell diesels to rich soccer moms. Maybe Porsche and VW should communicate instead of have passive aggressive fights?


Turd 5: The German Government Is Getting Paranoid About Chinese Investment

Because, Geely bought a big chunk (they now have the biggest chunk) of Daimler. A closed government controlled economy vs an open free economy...


Flush: Happy Birthday

Ralph Nadar, you’re a turd.

Lingering Stench: How would you feel if diesels were banned from your town?

This post only took me 15 min verses the usual 30.


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