Welcome to The Morning Sh*t! Happy Monday, Oppo.

1st Wipe: Legislation over the rollout of autonomous cars not making much progress. If only there were some kind of well-heeled lobbyist group, like a “National Roadways Association,” to help push this through in the face of overwhelming evidence against its safety.

2nd Wipe: Major Daimler shareholder Geely got its start by taking apart the boss’s Mercedes, but were unable to put it back together again. So if selling cars doesn’t work out, they can always go into business as a Mercedes service center.

3rd Wipe: Mexican and Canadian trade ministers prepare to get out the whiteboards and explain Econ 101 to Trump, assuming the man believes anything Milton “Fake News” Friedman ever wrote.

4th Wipe: Lexus thrilled over product placement in Black Panther. Daimler-Chrysler still mad their 2002 cameo in The Weather Underground didn’t work.

5th Wipe: 2,500 workers in GM-Daewoo factory voluntarily resign positions and accept packages. Working for GM, you’re always in a position to take a package either way.


Flush: David Buick died in obscurity today in 1929 after William Durant pulled the ol’ “Berry Gordy” sellout trick on him (funfact: Berry Gordy was actually born in 1929 in Detroit. Coincidence?)