Welcome to The Morning Sh*t! Which will it be: sympathy or apathy? Which part of the human condition will I believe?

1st Wipe: Volkswagen still insisting Diesel has a future. Once upon a time a man explained that this sort of behavior was the definition of insanity. But he was Jewish, so VW didn’t pay attention.

2nd Wipe: Nobody really sure how so many diverse vehicle suppliers will work together as cars get more complex, but investors are making it rain, anyway.

3rd Wipe: White House economic advisor Gary Cohn loses this week’s challenge in episode 12 of The Apprentice: Washington after trying to explain to Trump that metal tariffs are a bad idea.

4th Wipe: US consumers have a huge beef with Kobe Steel over its use of substandard metals in Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Kobe now seeking another metal supplier for seppuku blades.


5th Wipe: Cadillac has yet another Chief Marketing Officer to fight the Sisyphean battle of explaining that their cars are way cooler than the Golden Corral parking lot at 4pm might otherwise suggest.

Flush: Janet Guthrie, the first female to complete both the Indy and Daytona 500, was born today in 1938, but despite being very talented, gender barriers kept slamming into her.