Welcome to The Morning Sh*t! I’ve got Liberia’s deficit in my skyrocket.

1st Wipe: Recalls are at the lowest overall level in five years. Or 28 years if you exclude FCA.

2nd Wipe: Don’t worry about those tariffs; they’ll only increase the price of a car by a few hundred dollars, since tons of people will probably lose their jobs to help reduce the financial impact to consumers.


3rd Wipe: Senate, still wondering how all these innocent people keep getting killed and maimed by deadly metal fragments, pushing to have Takata recall completed quickly.

4th Wipe: Crossovers and SUV boom is helping BMW spend more than ever on R&D for electrification. But once they sell a bunch of low-margin electric vehicles, where will the money come from then?

5th Wipe: Carvana’s “car vending machines” are booming, despite financial losses for the company. If you tilt them just right, you can get a free Kia Rio and some Funyuns with your BMW 5-series.

Flush: Today in 1964, the first Mustang rolled off the assembly line and straight into our hearts. Thankfully, open-heart surgery was invented in 1960, so we were okay.