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1st Wipe: Elon Musk now micromanaging Model 3 production after realizing that taking deposits was only the first step of like, a hundred steps or something.


2nd Wipe: California’s sick of all these rules from EPA. The only way to fix them is to flush them all away. Any coming time; any coming day. Or grow some gills and see you down in Arizona Bay.

3rd Wipe: Waymo very carefully distinguishing its technology from Tesla’s Deathvan, even stating it could have prevented such Model X Beautification Projects altogether.


4th Wipe: Infiniti, the brand best known recently for its nondescript cars with ridiculous names, is hoping to use electrification to help differentiate itself from the competition.

5th Wipe: Hyundai only has three female executives out of 298, so naturally they were asked to serve drinks and dance for the guys.


Splashback: Today in 1860, the Pony Express finally connected California with the rest of the country, a decision we’ve all been lamenting since.

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