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Bill Ford may look like the aging QB coach of a struggling Division-III football program, but he's actually Ford's Executive Chairman and has an insight well out of proportion to that description. The ITS World Congress is going on and his comments about energy policy, technology, and urbanism are fairly on point. He goes on to say that cars should be able to communicate with all other cars, not just Ford-to-Ford or Chevy-Chevy, and that despite all the movement towards autonomous cars not everyone wants that yet.

Here's the best quote: Yep.

Verizon's chief Lowell McAdam was also at the ITS and he was a little less harsh than Bill Ford, at least from this write up from The Detroit News: That's a big "IF" though.

Welding is great, but you're not always going to get lightweight metals and cars put together that way. What's the alternative? Glue. A lotta glue.

If it's gotta plug, there's a decent chance it's being sold in California as about 40% of the domestic market is there according to the California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative via Bloomberg.

That's a lot of Teslas, but also Vols, Leafs, and plug-in Ford vehicles. The governor would like to see 1.5 million such ars on the road in the next decade or so.


Rick Perry, Texas Governor and living proof that you can't just put glasses on to make yourself look smarter, was in Tokyo talking taxes and sounds like Craig Trudell has the story: And by "lower" the tax burden he really means transfer it to other people.

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