Yesterday in my English class, our teacher switched our seats around. This meant that we were surrounded by new people. She wanted us to “introduce” ourselves to our new “neighbors” (this is a tenth grade English II Honors class btw). Naturally, I say I’m a car person. And then, that is when it happens: the most annoying question gets asked.

And no, it isn’t what car should I buy? simply because that comes after knowing this person for a relatively (at least in my opinion) short period of time. Not only is this question simply annoying, it is also very difficult. One that whenever I get asked, I cannot simply answer instantly. Instead, I usually start off with, “Well you see, it’s difficult to answer….” And this is usually the turning point of the conversation. If the person pesters you a little more, by saying things like, “Oh come on! Really!” then they are genuinely interested. If the response is along the lines of, “Oh, okay.” It means that you fucked up and lost that person as a good neighbor.

The question, in case you haven’t picked up on it yet (which, most likely you haven’t because I haven’t made it clear yet. However, this is how my English teacher wants me to write shit, so I do.) is:

What is your favorite car?

That question. Five little words that become so frustrating. I cannot stand this question for a multitude of reasons. First, it is so vague. Honestly, I want you, right now, to tell me your favorite car. I’m giving no limits at all, and you can only have one. See? I’m not crazy.


Sometimes, if I can tell this person actually cares a bit, I will go into detail. For example, my favorite production car being produced today that in a few years I should be able to buy is the Jaguar F-Type Coupe. It is the epitome of car design in the past few years. The lines. The back hatch. The rims. The interior. It is perfect to me. And since it’s a Jaguar, depreciation is a beautiful thing. I can’t imagine it holding too much value, which means it’ll be perfect. I’m not going to lie when I say that after my three years are up with my Civic, I will be looking at used F-Types. And if one is a reasonable price, I will have no problem financing it and keeping it around.


If the question is my favorite car that I most likely will never be able to own, it’d be the Pagani Huayra. I love these things. The big flowing body. The clean lines. The wild interior. They are so damn special. Also, not many people know of Pagani that aren't major car people.

My favorite car that I could easily buy today for under $3500 (not that I’ve thought about this category or anything) is the Volvo 240 wagon. I love Volvos. I love wagons. I loved Legos as a kid. Put it all together, and this is the result. And I love the result. Find an older one with the manual transmission and I’d be a very happy retro camper.


My favorite American muscle car is the Plymouth Superbird. The reason? The wing. I remember seeing one at a car show when I was around 7. It didn't seem real. It seemed like a giant Hot Wheels. I loved that. The looks you get with that thing are just incredible.


My favorite car from the 70s would be the Volvo P1800ES. Again, Volvo. Plus, that incredible glass back. It is just perfect. The relatively long front paired with the two door sloping hatch is just beautiful.

“So, as you can see, I have a lot of favo… wait, where’d you go?” This is usually the point where the person has already turned around and began talking with someone else. But anyway, that question sucks. Plain and simple. There are too many choices.

Thanks for reading and listening to me ramble. I love Oppo for that!