I have now had this Tesla Model 3 for a day and around 150 miles of driving and have some initial thoughts. Unsurprisingly it mostly drives and feels like a normal car. The fact that it’s electric is almost lost on me when in motion. But it’s entirely alien when getting in and never turning a key or hitting a start button (and how damn quiet it is). You just get in the car, tap the credit card on a nondescript place on the center console and then you put it in drive and go. It doesn’t turn off and it doesn’t turn on, that is so bizarre to me! So far I’m mesmerized by auto pilot on the freeway, it really does just feel like the thing is driving itself. But im also annoyed by the lane departure features when not in autopilot. It fights me when changing lanes even with the turn signal on and random lights or objects throw the radar for a loop and cause sudden braking. The regen braking is still taking some getting used to and not having gauges in front of me is weird too. But overall it’s a very good experience. I think disabling the safety nanny stuff entirely when autopilot is off would be a must for me but I can deal with fighting the car for now, it’s kind of entertainment in its own way. Will have a full story of the adventure last night and more driving thoughts and pictures soon!


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